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What is Vaastu ?



What is Vaastu ?

Vaastu is an ancient Indian science which deals with the creation of harmonious energy field in a structure which is related to the construction of the home, office, factory, temple, commercial place or anything. This is beyond any religion and it helps to plan for an auspicious structure. Through it we will get benefit. It protects us from the ill effect of life. It also helps to earn wealthy and healthy life from the place. Vaastu helps us to make our lives better.

Basics of Vaastu are based on two energy sources. These are the solar energy and geomagnetic energy. There are also five basic elements on this planet. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky are the five elements. Key of the Vasstu is to balance these five elements for harmony by keeping them in right directions.

What is Vaastu Directions

We will have detail description for each of the elements in our MoonAstro. We also provide a free report of your home, based on the position of various things in your house.

Following table covers what is appropriate position for the some of the important things in house.

Place Best Position
Worship/Puja Room North-East corner of the house
Bed Room South-West corner of the house
Living Room East or North-East corner of the house
Dining Room South-East corner of the house
Study Room East, West or North. One should face North or East.
Kitchen South-East corner of the house
Verandah East or North side of the house
Toilet/Bath Room North-West or South-East corner of the house
Store Room North-West corner of the house
Stair Case South, West or South-West corner of the house
Basement North or East (but not North-East) side of the house
Water Tank North-East corner of the house
Guest Room North-West corner of the house
Main Gate East, North or North-East corner of the home Plot
Parking East or North side of the house

Vaastu (Home Science Astrology) Home

The Vaastu rules are established upon the nature’s laws. The balance, importance of Vaastu may be noted from the motions of motor vehicles, aeroplane, and trains. Buses are perfectly balanced that if reduction in any one of the bus’s tyres, it may cause a terrible accident while running at a high speed. Same way, when a house is built without looking the logics of Vaastu many natural disasters or accident occur. It is the endless rule of the nature and there is no place of debate.

  The word Vaastu is word from Sanskrit. It means Bhu. This is the fundamental class of existence. As the sun’s energy is concerned, the Eastern and western side are important. The significance of the northern and southern side lies in the course of magnetic wave that flows from northern pole to southern pole. So, the southern portion of every house must be higher than northern portion.

In old age, human generally built as per Vaastu and they lived in happy. At that time the family members of joint family used to be very happy. But today picture is exactly opposite. In spite of small family there is hardly present happiness. As time progress, we began dismissing out ancient culture and custom. Vaastu rules also are ignored. Surprisingly the south Indian people still follow the Vaastu rules and they spend happy and peaceful life. They are more worldly and economically than the northern Indian people.

The logic as well as its effects is permanent. The main purpose of the Vaastu is to create the life of men happier and trouble free. As the Vaastu is based on the properties of the sun and earth, it is universal. Vastu is equal for all religions, all castes.

If you build a house according to Vaastu guidelines, you may lead a prosperous, happy and healthy life.

Importance of five elements


It is very important to choose right land. As well as you also look at the accessibility of water, environment.


Water must be drained out at northern eastern side. Tube wells, pools etc. must be at the northern eastern side. The water which comes from toilet or bathrooms must be drained out at the northern eastern side. This side is auspicious and suitable for the water. There is gutter system in towns. The septic tanks must be at the northern western direction. Rain water must be flown at the northern eastern direction.


Southern eastern side is ideal for fire. Cooking room, fireplace etc. must be located only at this side. As northern western is at 180 degree (180 °C = 356 °F) of southern eastern side, these might be fixed at that side.


Air must enter from the northern eastern part of the house. All media of air must be at this direction.


The space acts upon greatly as per Vaastu rules. We may get the mundane energies effect continuously. But building is the obstacle to the effect of open space. So the significance of lawns and roofs are underlined. In a traditional manner every home of India has a free space at the centre of the house. It allowed the habitants not only the free space but also the sunlight and ventilation of air.


                                                   Vaastu FAQ

What is Vaastu?

A: Vaastu is an ancient Indian science which deals with the creation of harmonious energy field. It is applied over the construction of a home, office, factory, temple, commercial place or anything. This is beyond any religion and it helps to plan for an auspicious structure. It also provides benefit to you. It protects from the ill effect of life and helps to earn wealthy and healthy life from the place. Vaastu helps us to make our lives better.

When is Vaastu consultation required?

A: Vaastu consultation is very helpful. If you’re planning to buy a plot or building, or even in the case of buying or rent a house, shop, or a business place.

How to know whether Your house is not following Vaastu laws and you are getting Bad energies in your house?

A: Appropriate use of Vaastu makes our house like a heaven. If there is any Vaastu defect, then you may see various problems in your home like, continious failure, loss of wealth all the time, no profit in business, various health issue like arthritis, heart problems, or any long running disease, addiction to drugs or acohols.

Why directions are significant in Vaastu ?

A: Vaastu principals are based on directions. For example, keeping gold or money can be auspicious, if it is placed in north. But it can be inauspicious, when it is placed in south.

Why directions are important in Vaastu?

A: Every direction has some significance in Vaastu. Having followed vaastu laws for a direction correctly one enjoys the best of that directional property.

Is color has any significance in Vaastu?

A: Yes, the colour attracts the energy flow which is the basic pillar of Vaastu shastra. You have to select colours selectively inside your house for each room.

How Vaastu and fengsui is different or how they are similar?

A: Vaastu and Fengsui both are fundamentally similar. These are based on energies and elements.

Vaastu is bigger and it explains in detail the cause of the defects. Feng-sui offers many solutions which can be applied without altering the structure.

Can Vaastu help to become wealthy?

A: Anser is Yes, following Vaastu laws will bring wealth in the house and to the family members.

Can Vaastu makes healthy?

A: Yes, following Vaastu laws will make the family members healthy and free from prolonged diseases


Vaastu Ideal Home

Vaastu Ideal Home

Vaastu has a meaning itself. It deals with the nature of selecting a plot, making that plot ready to build a structure. Rectangular or Square shape plot is ideal for Vastu. At first we must construct a combine wall. That plot should be separated into 81 squares of same size with a plan.
This is not essential to make out the plot rules. The main entrance of a house rather situated elevated positions from the Northern Eastern side. It may be from North or East of Northern Eastern side. Naturally door can be at the Southern of Southern Eastern or Western of Northern Western direction. If it does not possible, you should locate the main door from the middle of any side. There must not be any obstacle or water substance opposite to the main door.

Balconies must be planned at the Eastern and Northern side. You must avoid South or West direction. Bigger balconies should be allowed to the Northern and Eastern side if you have to keep the balconies in South or West direction. Care must be taken when you provides balcony. The ideal location for kitchen is the Southern Eastern direction of the house. In alternative cases it can be in the Northern Western side though the cooking place must be arranged to ease cooking at the time of facing east. Location of kitchen is neither in Northern Eastern direction nor in Southern Western direction, because both the directions may create trouble in respect to finance or health condition.

Enough light, water and air are needed for human beings to live a pleasant life. So when a house is built, we must assure that house gets enough sunlight and air. There must be accessibility of water in the earth in the locality of the house. The sun beam has much type of energies. Every type of energy is suited for a special task. The plot separated into 81 squares which is known as “Ekasitipada Vastu”. These squares will present where to set up the pillar, where to locate the main gate, where to locate the kitchen room and other rooms, where to set up which kind of furniture.

The sun beam is known as “Vastu Purusha”, that means the god of all lands. The situation of the Vastu purusha changes day by day. It is also depends upon the seasons.

The main sleeping room must be constructed at the Southern Western side. You must not be placed a bed below the beam. Rectangle and square shape sleeping rooms are suitable for assuring peace and successfulness. Hanging images should be avoided as it shows violence or sadness.

We must be covered the mirrors or television at night. Your head must be at the North during sleep.

Vastu Tips for all


  • Bedrooms should be in South and West.

  • In bed rooms, always use bed of 4 (four) legs only.

  • Face East while cooking, West will be allowed if there is no alternative, but never face South while cooking.

  •  Never put the poster of crying girl, war scene,  crow, owl or eagle in the House these are inauspicious.

  • Keep cash and jewelry in the safe or locker which opens in the north.

  • Shoes and slippers should not be scattered all over the house, as this leads to feud.

  • Your head should be towards the east or south while sleeping.

  • Pooja room should be in North East. All photos or idols should be facing East or West only.

  • In the Pooja  Room Take care that the  Idols brought from ancient temples in the desecrated form or otherwise should not be kept in the worship room. 

  • Kitchen is best placed in the South-East of the House as South -east is the Agni Sthan.

  • The gas burner should not be in front of the main door of the kitchen.

  •  Mezzanine floor in the kitchen should be in the west or the south. 

  • All Office and Factories are Best  if they are square or Rectangle ( with the Size not exceeding 1:2)  This gives all year round profits.

  • If there are roads on all the four sides or on the north and east, it is auspicious and beneficial.

  • C.E.O should sit in south-west facing east or north.

  • Computer room should be in south-east.

  • Marketing departments should be in north-west.

  • Floor of the shop or business concern should be kept clean and attractive.

  • Presence of a tree/ pole or well in front of the shop causes Vedh, which is inauspicious. It creates problems and disturbances in the business, such Vedh should be avoided.

  • For offices  A water fountain in the wealth area is best for Continues Growth and Success

  • Auspicious symbols such as a Swastik should be marked on the doors of the  shop. Cash counter should be placed facing north. Cash box should never be left blank or empty..

  • A shop or a business concern is the place where a person sits to carry on the process of sale and purchase of items or related transactions. According to Vaastu Shastra, the door through which a customer enters is considered to be the face of the shop/business concern. Its auspiciousness should be known as follows: -


Doors and entrance

Vastu is very much importance in deciding the main entrance door. Entrance door should be in North, East or North East of the house.

  • The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house. Your front door must not directly face your back door as Energy that comes in to your front door goes directly out of your back door and the Energy  does not circulate the house properly.

  • There must not be tree / well blocking your front door as this will block the flow of Energy to your house.

  • Doors should open inside the room and not outside.

  • Vaastu advises that width of the door should be half of the height of the door.

  • The main entrance door to the house should be made from good quality material and it should be bigger than other doors of the house. It should have a good design and should be painted. It should look impressive compared to other doors.

  • There should be no noise while opening the doors and windows especially the entrance door  this blocks the career of the inhabitants.


Windows in the house provide us with fresh and light to enjoy our life with. All the windows should be on the exterior walls of the house and not opening within the rooms.

  • All the windows bigger in size should be in the north-east and smaller window should be in the south-west.

  • The number of windows in the house should be in even numbers (when counted in total).

  • The slopes of all sunshades constructed above doors and windows should be towards the north-east, so that the rain water must flow from south-west to north-east.

  • There should be more windows in the EAST and NORTH.


  • The puja room or the Mandir should be in the  north-east corner or the North East of the Property or the North East Room of the Bungalow.
  • The puja room should never be in the bedroom.
  • The pooja room or the Mandir should never be in the basement .
  • One should never use pooja room for any other purpose like storage.
  •  Ensure that the toilet is not adjoining the pooja room, and not even above or below the prayer room.
  • Never place any photographs to dead people in the pooja room.
  •  The Deity facing the West and the person offering prayers facing the East is considered the best as per VASTU.
  • Avoid keeping the heavy idols in the mandir , pictures can be placed instead.
  • Idols brought from ancient temples in the desecrated form should not be kept in the worship room. 
  • The idols should not be kept in the wall by cutting the wall or touching the wall. They should be kept at least an inch away from the wall. 


  • Attached toilets in the North-west and west are permissible.

  • The commode should face north-south.

  • Never build toilets in the North East as North East is the abode of prosperity and success.

  • Mirrors in the toilet may be on the north and east walls.

  • The Floor of the Bathroom should never use Black color.

  • Use Light colors in the Bathroom tiles.

  • The slope of the flooring in the bathrooms should be in the east or the north direction.


The bedroom is a place where one can be totally oneself. It is the room where we spend most of the time to sleep and relax.

  • The beds should be placed more towards the southwest of the room but never in the southwest corner.
  • One should sleep with head towards the south for sound sleep and better health.
  • The lighting should be a soothing general illumination.
  • Lights should be planned in such a way that it must create a light , romantic , relaxing environment. Table lamps or hanging lamp shades provides the room a very aesthetic look.
  • The master bedroom should be positioned in the south-west corner of the house. Beds should be placed in the south-west corner of the room.
  • Bed should not be put under a beam.One should never sleep under a Beam . this will affect their health.
  • Never Keep Gods Statues in the Bedroom Vastu suggest paintings of nature scenes, prayer, and temples .Avoid keeping heavy statues in the northeast corner of the room
  • Never keep a Fish tank in the Bedroom.
  • always Sleep with your Head in the South this will give you good Sleep . Never Sleep with ure head in the North  Dead body?s head are kept towards the north . Mental sickness increases and there is a likelihood of reduction in the life span. 


The kitchen is best only in the South east portion of the House The presiding deity of S.E. is Agni, the God of fire. Therefore, as per VASTU kitchen should be on the S.E.

  • Never Have a kitchen in the North east this will seriously effect the prosperity and curtail peace and mutual love in the family.

  • The pipelines of the bathroom and the kitchen should have an outlet in the east or the north direction.Wastewater in the kitchen should always flow towards east and north.

  • Kitchen is at the South-West direction affects the head of the family.

  • Do not construct toilets and puja-room next to the kitchen.

  • One should always face the East or North while cooking.

Importance of Brahmasthana ( Center of the House )

The Brahmasthana (central portion of the plot) is an important factor to be reckoned while constructing a building, be it an office or a house. The Brahmasthana is the region around the navel (Nabhi) of the Vastu Purusha (site deity).
The energy lines running through the center of the plot are also equally important. Much care should be taken in building a structure, so that these lines are not disturbed.
Vastu recomends that the Brahmasthana of the building or an apartment should always be left empty. The center of the building is selected as an intersect of two diagonal lines from the four corners of the plot; and the same is done with all the interior rooms. No pillars and no rooms should be constructed at this place, and no heavy furniture should be kept in the centre of any room. Only carpets, rugs etc. can be kept at this place.


Vastu Plot or Land Tips

Vastu Plot or Land Tips

One of the most challenging jobs is to make good house and to get a good plot. Once you get a plot, you have to verify that if the plot follows Vaastu rules or not. There are few important factors selecting a good land.

Soil Test : The soil with white colour with lotus smell and having greenery is considered to be the best.
Red Coloured soil is also good, but if it smells like blood, it should be avoided.
Yellow or pale coloured soil having pungent smell should be avoided. Soil testing also important to design the house with load testing. .

Location : Location and its surrounding directly affect us and hence it is an important factor while selecting a plot for building house.

One should not buy a land where previous people were suffering from prolonged sickness. Even any person left the house or killed himself due to some reason.
Soil of the land should not contain bones, and skeletons. If there is a house which is damaged heavily due to fire, rain or storm, then this house should be avoided.
If the land falls in between two tall buildings, then this land should also be avoided.
If the plot is at a T-junction, then this plot should be avoided. There should not be any cemetery graveyard or tomb adjacent to the plot.
There should not be a temple or any religious place in front of the plot. If there is any shadow of any tall building, temple, tree most of the time in the day, and then this plot should be avoided.

Plot Facing : If the plots face towards north or east, are considered to be the best plot. Plot should be higher in south and west side and should be sloping down to the north-east corner of the plot.

Plot Shape : Shape of the plot is one of the most important factors. Here is the list of plot shapes and the effect in respect of their shapes.

 ideal plot

Road Side : The plots which are adjacent to roads from all the 4 sides, then it is the most valuable one as this plot will bring wealth and good health with peaceful family life.
It is inauspicious if there are three roads only on the East, South, and West.
If there are roads on only the East and North side, that is good.
Roads on the North, South, and West are also not so good.