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About Grand Master Animesh

I, Animesh Dada Wellness Spiritual  Cosmotherapist Vaasthu Expert , EFT TAT HPT  WHEE  ,  Founder Director of  OORJAA  ~ Advance Meredian Energy Therapies

        is a Certified Advance PranicPsychoHealer

  • Chikara Reiki  Master, 
  • Jyotish Shree Vaasthu Rectifier  & Space Programmer of Yogvidya Pranic Healing.
  •  I have been honoured with a Gold Medal  for Best Healing Hand from  U.P. Yoga Vidya Pranic Healers Association  , India  engaged in spiritual healing of human beings with the help of cosmic energy.
  •  I am also  Placed as topper in  National Standard Examination of Physics  of ‘Indian Association  of Physics Teacher ’ certificate Awarded by IAPT ,Patna, India.
  •  I am also Certified from UttarPradesh Government , India for  Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)
  • GOLD MEDALIST  awarded bY ICAM Feb 2011
  •  Acupressure Specialist in Chinese And Ayurvedic System of Acupressure


About OORJAA  family


An amazing body of research evidence presented on this web site confirms that healing really works.  Spiritual healing and many other complementary/ alternative therapies are gradually being combined into a new, integrative medical care model that can help to heal physical and psychological problems

"OORJAA" healing - addressing body, emotions, mind, relationships, and spirit - starts with self-healing and can be enhanced by a healer. Many complementary/ alternative therapists, nurses, and physicians are also healers. Many can learn to enhance their natural healing gifts. This site will introduce you to fascinating evidence which confirms that these approaches are helpful.

I hope you find this site informative and valuable, and I would enjoy any constructive feedback that you might have. I ask for your patience, as the site is still under construction. 

Feel free to take whatever is useful to you from this site, as long as you reference this site,  oorrjaa.webs.com as the source.

           ~  Grand Master Animesh Dada Wellness Spiritual Psychotherapist 
                                                                    Foundation of Alternative Medicine  
Advance Meredian Energy Healing Therapies

Member Of  National and  International Organisations

  •   National

  • New Age Foundation , New Delhi

  • AAMET - India
  • UP Yoga Vidya Pranic Healers Association ,Lucknow


  • The Interanational Association Of Educators For world Peace (IAEWP)



Received  GOLD MEDAL and Certificate of Honour as a Healing Hand awarded by UP Yoga Vidya Pranic Healers Association  From the  Hands of Smt KumKum Roychoudhury , Director  Sahara India Pariwar

on 7th October 2007