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We recommend you to get relieved from all ailments with the help of following tools

 “Love, health and wealth flows abundantly into my life. I am flowing into the river of wealth.”



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 Now Discover the cutting-edge alchemical  "OORJAA" system that uses light, Intention  & energy processes for the optimum transformation of your being!


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OORJAA  ~ Spirit, Relationships, Mind, Emotions, and Body

SPIRIT to BODY Change Your Energy ~ Change Your world!

  EVERYTHING is energy, and that includes YOU!  Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs - your body even - are all energy! And you have an organised energy system, an energy matrix known as OORJAA

Your energy system is determining your life experience RIGHT NOW,
for better or worse!

You've probably heard about this principle talked about with the Law of Attraction.

What you don't hear about, however, is how to directly transform your energy at a vibrational level.

Until now that is!

ANY problem in your life exists as energy in your field.

When you clear, heal, balance and optimize your energy system, you transform your being and your reality as a result!

OORJAA  is a definitive guide that shows you HOW to make those shifts in the most effortless and elegant way possible!


READ MORE............Click Here           SPIRIT TO BODY

"Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, Energy Balancing Technique will be one of their primary healing tools .... as it is for me."

- Eric Robins, MD -

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Welcome my incredible friend ,

" Today, everything has changed. The new field of Energy Psychology has suddenly made our best psychological methods obsolete overnight, delivering radical reductions in stress in just seconds  with vibrant health, increased productivity, and wellbeing as side effects."

Grand Master                              

                                             Wellness-Alternative Medicina -Spiritual-Psycho Coach
                                             BASM-A.M (ALTERNATIVE MEDICINA ) ,HPT ,WHEE ,E.F.T. Expert
                                                                       CHROMOTHERAPIST , CRYSTALOGRAPHY ,
                                                                        BNYT(TWO YEARS CERT) NATUROPATHY AND YOGA THERAPY
                                                                        MDALTERNATIVE MEDICINA  
                                                                       HON Phd(ALTERNATIVE MEDICINA)  ,
                                                                       HON DSC(ALTERNATIVE MEDICINA)
                                                                       ADVANCE REIKI , 
                                                                       PRANIC HEALING,
                                                                       DISTANT HEALING AURA CLEANSING

                                                                       ABUNDANCE HEALING

                       Complimentary Alternative Therapy in Traditional Non-Medicine Program

(Non Invasive Non Drug Approach of  Wholistic Therapy)

            W.H.O. approved Ayurvedic Acupressure and Chinese Acupressure
                                            USUI-REIKI GRAND MASTER ,
                        Pranic Advance Pychotherpy , Naturo-Herbal,Yoga Life Coach ,Tachyon ,
                                            Chikara Reiki , Karuna Reiki ,Gold Reiki , Antakaran ,
                                             Sujok Acupressure ,SHIATSU THAI 
                                             MARM THERAPY
        GOld Medalist (Healing Hand UP Yoga Vidya Pranic Healer's Association 2007 )
                                        Gold Medalist (ICAM 2011 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINA CONGRESS)

Secretary and Member of 
International Naturopathy Organisation

Member of 
The British Council For Complimentary Therapies 
53 Whitworth Road , Northhampton ,United Kingdom  

I'm absolutely honored that you were guided  to my website today!
If you have been searching to experience more:
- Financial Abundance & Prosperity
- Optimum Health & Wholeness
- Real & Lasting Happiness
- Positive Relationships
- Spiritual Expansion
- Inner Peace
 - Miracles
- Positive Life Transformations
- Clarity, and so much more... 
 Then it's by no coincidence that you were guided to my site today!

As a certified advanced Holistic Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, and Personal Development Coach, I have committed many years of my life studying and developing some of the most potent and life-changing healing technologies on the planet to assist you in experiencing the greatest visions you have for your life! You no longer have to put your deepest desires on hold!
 When working with each client, my approach is to release deeply rooted blocks the client has internalized preventing them from experiencing the vast abundance and miracles the Universe has to offer. I work with a few powerful techniques that instantly release limiting subconscious blocks from their roots, so it doesn't have to take years to heal anymore! As the client's core subconscious mind starts releasing these blocks, every area of the client's life naturally returns to a state of homeostasis (balance) leading to what many experience as positive transformations and miracles!

Now ask yourself  following Questions :-

When was the last time you gave your car or computer an overhaul?
When was the last time you gave your home an ‘overhaul’??
When was the last time you gave your emotions an overhaul???

Yes, I know …how does one do that ? No one has ever told us or taught how

to do it before.

Here’s how you can do it now…

Through *OORJAA KALPTARU GLOBAL * PowerTraining

We could GO "OORJAA" in many of the following ways:

I am honored to provide the following services in person

        Attending a OORJAA Workshop (Click here for Details)

OORJAA - A powerful  and life-changing combination of Zero Point Quantum Healing,Theta Healing, Tachyon, Elevator technique ,Energetic Medicine, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Positive Psychology taking healing to a whole new level!

   *Intuitive Readings - Receive accurate guidance and messages that will assist you in receiving the clarity you've been looking for!

     *Prosperity & Life Coaching - Learn & play with powerful time-tested       techniques and tools that will help you expand into your greatness and attract more abundance in all areas of your life!

*Chakra Balancing - Align the energetic bodies to create the perfect environment for optimum health and vitality!




Presently, we are also  accepting assignment of

 accurate Aura  Vastu Scanning with a view to specific

trouble shooting relating to vastu matters and

positive changes can be  experienced within 

15 to 45 days after   Vastu  Remedies along with

Nalvar  Yantra

Application without destruction.

........more on  Vastu click here


  • Please do not hesitate to call me directly on my

  • Mob.No.+91-7860522106 for any query.

  • Distance & Touch Healing facilities, Reflexology , Practical Reiki,

  • Vastu Workshops and  Aura Scanning of Human Body and Vastu defects alongwith correction

  • facilities are available

  • subject to Prior Appointment.


  • I pay my gratitude  to my all teachers especially

  • Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for  priceless teachings & blessings. 

  • Also, I am thankful to all Pranic Healers , Reiki Masters, Mr Garry Craig   from whom I am getting their continuous guidance and support.    

  "OORJAA Kalptaru Global"
 GrandmasterMuiltiple Modality 
   Animesh Dada

        Wellness MD -Spiritual Psychotherapist

Member of International Healing Groups


(Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques)


 As humans, we are all in a rush to get somewhere now! We are all sometimes guilty of not having our priorities in order. Overall, we are overfed and undernourished. We're running on less sleep, processed foods, and more stress. We lose our health to make money and then lose our money to regain our health. Why not start living well now and enjoy your life to it's fullest potential?

If your health isn't your priority, your body is likely sending you signals that it needs help. Your body will tell you with many different signals: pain, headaches, sinus infections, fatigue, weight gain, acid reflux, digestive problems, dizziness, joint stiffness, insomnia... my list could go on and on.

How many times have you sat in a doctor's office for thirty minutes and when you finally see him or her it's only for five minutes and you leave with a prescription and instruction to call if you feel worse? Have you ever waited hours for a return phone call from your doctor that never comes? It is frustrating, I understand.

I am the wellness life coach that is here for you, always. I am available to you by phone, email, or office visit. I strive to be an excellent resource for you and your family when it comes to holistic health and wellness. My promise to you is that I will consistently deliver quality, individualized, and compassionate care to every patient that is incomparable to any doctor in this area. I am truly passionate about your health and happiness. I really love my work!

I am so excited to start this website. Check back from time to time. I plan to keep it updated on the regular with necessary health information and upcoming events.

So I can officially say, "Welcome to my site... this is just the beginning!"

Namasté OORJAA, Grand Master  Animesh Dada




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Thanks and enjoy! 

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